A long run

Last night (4/25/2006) I was planning on going to the gym and doing a leg workout. Mary however wanted to try running outdoors. We decided to go for a long run outdoors. Our goal was 6.0 miles. We ran at a slow pace being more concerned about distance and fun rather than time. We did not know the length of the loop we were running when we ran it. After completing 5 loops the sun was going down and Mary and I were getting tired. We came home, stretched, ate some food, and then hopped in the car to measure the distance. The loop is surprisingly almost exactly 2.0 miles in length. We also ran a couple tenths of a mile from our house to the edge of the loop (once on the way out and once on the way in). We measured this using a car with a fair degree of accuracy to be 10.5 miles. This is a huge accomplishment for Mary who never ran longer than about 32 minutes prior to this evening! We ran for just a couple minutes shy of 2 hours. Our pace wasn’t anything incredible but we really were more concerned with distance than pace. We’ll be improving our pace over the next couple of months.

We’re considering running with the Fleet Feet group at Cobbs Hill to get some training on hills. We might also run with them on Saturday mornings for their long runs.


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