A new personal record

Tuesday night (5/2/2006) I ran for a new personal record.  I ran from my house to my parent’s house and back.  On the way home I was feeling good so I ran an additional two mile loop.  The overall distance was 15 miles and I ran that in about 2:35:00 +/- 2 minutes.  The next time I run I’ll be smart and use my stop watch so that I remember to keep track of my time better.

This was my second long run outdoors.  The first long run was with Mary when we ran that same 2 mile loop 5 times.  On this run I started out heading west at about 6pm.  It wasn’t hot out but the sun made me sweat.  The route I took had quite a few moderately steep and fairly long hills.  At the 6.5 mile mark (my parent’s house) my parents came out to cheer me on.  Mary was there with water for me too.  I didn’t stop though, I turned around and kept on going.  The way back east was into the wind which was more difficult.  Also the hills seemed more difficult on the way back.  Overall the return trip was easier.  I think this is because the sun wasn’t in my face anymore and because the temperature dropped.  My time for the return home was significantly better than the time I took to reach 6.5 miles.

I was rather sore and dehydrated after that run but it was very fun.  Although I didn’t want to eat I knew that I needed to so I ate another dinner when I got home.  I was surprised to find that I actually slept pretty well.  The nights of my other long runs were quite restless.

I still can’t get over people that can run marathons.  26 miles is insane!  Sure, I ran for 15 miles and I used to struggle to run just 1 mile but 26 miles is still 11 more miles.  11 miles is a long run all by itself!  This is to say nothing of ultra-marathons.

My legs are still a bit sore today, especially my calves.  It’s not bad and I think I’ll be able to run tonight if I want to.  I’ve already gotten my weekly goal of 20 miles in though (I ran 5 miles on Monday night).  I do want to get a short and fast run in this week though.  I want to run 3.5 miles for speed.  This is practice for the Chase Corporate Challenge that is coming up on June 1st.  The speed training will also help me for when I run the Utica Boilermaker on July 9th.


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