…3 hours later

Mary and I set out shortly after 6pm.  I didn’t arrive back home until just about 9pm.  I ran for 17.5 miles in 2:54:00 last night.  Miles 14, 15, and 16 were extremely difficult as my foot was killing me.  My time for the last 4.5 miles was 49 minutes.  Considering my pace for the first 13 miles that was not very good.  I was slowed because I was stopping a lot to stretch out my feet.

There was a fair amount of wind yesterday which made the first 6.5 miles much more difficult than usual.  I completed the first 6.5 miles in 1:03:30.  I was very happy with that because it’s a sub 10-minute pace.  My parent’s were waiting for me with water and chocolate.  I figured that the sugar would help fuel the next leg of the run.

The next 6.5 miles went very well, probably because the wind was at my back.  I finished up the first 13 miles in 2:05:30 which means that the second leg of the run took 1:02:00!  Before we left I stashed a water bottle and some chocolate in the mailbox.

Mary had a tough night because she wasn’t feeling well.  She ran about 10 miles (or a little more) but was slowed significantly because she was feeling a little ill.  She had to stop running at that point because the ill feeling only got worse.


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