The Rowe Quarter

Donna’s in town so we decided to run.  We set out at about 8:30 this morning from our house with our final destination being my parent’s house.  It was in the high 60s when we left and sunny.  For a while I was leading the pack (by a small amount) but after about 2 miles in Donna took the lead and kept it until the end.

The run was very difficult for me.  I’m not used to the sun, heat, and humidity.  I also started out too quickly and couldn’t maintain my pace through the run.  I slowed significantly before the end.  I was extremely surprised that I finished at a pace under 10 minutes per mile.  I ran a little more than 6.5 miles because I doubled back at one point to make sure Donna and Mary were OK.  My time for the morning was 1:04:41.

Mary’s run was difficult for her too because her knee was bothering her.  I doubt the heat helped either.  She ran through the pain and finished the 6.5 mile run in about 1:15:00 (+/- 2 minutes).  Unlike myself she ran much faster during the second half of the run.

Donna, being a Floridian, ran much better than us.  It wasn’t not to her.  In fact it’s usually warmer when she runs so she had really good running conditions.  She said she finished about 5 minutes ahead of me but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was even fast than that.


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