My first race

Last night I ran my first race.  It was the Chase Corporate Challenge in Rochester.  The race took place at RIT.  There were about 9400 runners for the 3.5 mile race.  I ran for Impact Technologies, a company with far too many really good runners!

My official time was 29:23.  My un-official time is 28:22 which I clocked using my stopwatch.  Since I lined up at the 8 minute/mile marker it took more than a full minute to reach the starting line.  With so many runners the relatively narrow course was difficult to navigate.  I spent a lot of the race on the outer edge of the course where there were fewer people to run around.

I made two mistakes during the race that cost me some time.  My biggest mistake was that I thought the second water stop was the marker for the third mile.  I picked up my pace there and it was a mistake because I ran a little low on steam after that.  My second mistake was not knowing where the finish line was.  I thought the finish line was much farther than it really was.  I was planning to sprint for a moderate distance to the finish.  I still printed through the finish but it was a much shorter sprint than I had hoped for.

I was happy with my time.  I met my goal of running it in under 30 minutes.  My unofficial time (and actually my official time as well) is a new personal record for me for a 3.5 mile distance.  When practicing on treadmills for 3.5 miles I was barely able to complete it in under 30 minutes.

The post-race party was nice too.  My company, like most others, provided food and beer.

I’m looking forward to next years race.  I hope to shave a fair amount of time off of this years time.



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