What's ahead of me?

This weekend I sort-of planned on a short run but worried that I wouldn’t work up the motivation to go out and run it.  This afternoon I felt a bit tired and I really didn’t want to go out and run but I wondered what would be ahead of me if I did?  Would it be easy?  Would it be really hard?  How would my legs feel?  …And most importantly what sort of things would I see by the side of the road?

Well, I did work up the motivation to get out there.   At first the run wasn’t much fun.  After a while longer it still wasn’t much fun.  After a little more than 2 miles I considered taking a short-cut to back track and go home.  I figured that I’d be disappointed in myself if I took it so I ran by the shortcut and continued on my planned 4.4 mile run.

Since I ran our 2 mile loop course there wasn’t anything to see as it is in a very residential area.  No dead animals.  In fact it appeared as though a street sweeper went through the area.  The only notable thing that happened on the run tonight was that I saw another runner.  Of course I’ve seen other runners when I’ve been out but this is the first time they were going in the same direction as me.  I passed him and I said hello.  He said something like “show off.”  🙂  It was pretty funny but it doesn’t seem funny when you write it down.

My time tonight was 38:02 for about 4.4 miles.


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