A week of disappointments

I didn’t post much this week because I had a lot of disappoinments.  On Monday night I tried to run at the gym but my knees hurt.  My knees have bothered me a little bit ever since the Corporate Challenge.  I decided to lay off them to make sure I didn’t seriously injure myself.

Mary measuerd a new loop course, which is similar to the 2.0 mile loop, to be 3.0 miles.  The 3 mile loop shares 1 mile of the 2.0 mile loop.  It’s extremely convenient that we have these two loops and that they are both whole mile distances.  The 3.0 mile loop circles our house and goes into town past Wendy’s and Kmart.  It’s got a few mild hills.  The Rowe Half has more hills that are steeper than the loops.
On Wednesday evening I ran from the gym, around our new loop course, and home.  That’s about 4 miles, though it might be just slightly longer than that.  My knee bothered me into the first mile and I almost gave up.  Instead I kept going (perhaps a stupid move).  I stopped after a short while to stretch and massage my knee.  This made the pain disappear for a while but it came back between the second and third mile.  When the pain came back I stopped, stretched, and massaged again.  This helped again but not for as long.  Eventually I just ran with the pain.  I tried to minimize the impact my feet were making with the ground.  I ran for fun and tried not to think about time.  I finished the 4+ miles in 38:04.

Shortly after arriving home from the run I noticed the onset of a migraine.  I looked at my watch to see how long I had run and couldn’t see the ‘3’ in 38:04.  My plan was to run 20 miles on Saturday morning.  We even planned pasta for dinner on Thursday and Friday night in preparation for the very long run.  I knew it would be very difficult as 90 degree weather was predicted for the weekend.  On Thursday night my plan for a long run was destroyed.

At dinner on Thursday I got another migraine, this time in the other half of my head.  I spent the night at home.

On Friday night I had planned to rest for the very long run on Saturday.  I was starting to doubt that I could do it because I didn’t feel well.  The migraine’s really hit me hard this week.  I had very little energy even though I had lots of good sleep all week.  I just generally didn’t feel normal.  On Friday night I pretty much called off a long run on Saturday.

Saturday morning came and when I woke up my head hurt.  I decided not to even do a short run.  The migraines won.  Maybe it’s for the best.  Maybe I would have hurt my knees by pushing too hard.  Maybe I would have had other troubles because of the heat and sun.  Maybe on Tuesday night I’ll get in some very long miles.  Maybe not.  That’s OK though.


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