Some runs

Last week I was in State College PA for business.  I brought my running shoes along and had a great run from the hotel to the “main street” area of town.  I think it was a little bit less than 2 miles from the hotel to downtown.  Then I walked around downtown for about 30-45 minutes and ran back.  It was a very fun run.  It’s very hilly there and the run back was mostly a very steep downhill.  Also, it was approaching 10pm and it was very dark out.  A lot of the time I couldn’t see the sidewalk that I was running on which only added to the fun.

Yesterday I went for a run in Hamburg while visiting my in-laws.  I ran for about 6 miles in the morning.  It was cool and overcast which meant it was a great morning for running.  It felt great to be running again after a mostly innactive prior week.

This evening I ran for a quick three+ miles.  I ran the big loop around our house.  My time tonight was 25:31 which is very good for me.  I won’t be running again until after the Boilermaker this Sunday in Utica!  That will be the first race that I’ll be running that my sister is running as well.  If she decided to she could easily kick my butt.


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