An OK run

Last night I went out for a run. I’ve been a but anxious to get back out ever since the Boilermaker but I wanted to give myself enough time to recover. On Wednesday I tried to run on the treadmill but my shins hurt so I stopped shortly after I started. When I started out the following night (last night) my shins still hurt but I kept going anyhow. After a pretty short time the pain went away.

I ran the 3 mile loop twice. It was warm and moderately humid. The air temperature started at close to 80 but was 75 by the time I got home. It wasn’t a very interesting run. The only interesting part of the run was that I saw a painted turtle on the side of the road. For once I saw a living animal! My total distance was 6.2 miles and my total time was 56:13 – just slightly more than a 9 minute mile. I’m really pleased with that time because I really didn’t push myself for time. I was focused on going out to have a nice leisurely run. I’m hoping to go for a long run either Saturday or Sunday morning. I know it’s supposed to be hot so I’ll have to go very early.


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