A couple of runs

Last Saturday morning I ran in the rain for the first time.  I tried out the “hydration belt” that Mary bought me.  I ran for about 6.4 miles on a brand new course.  I ran from our house to Black Creek Park and back.  It wasn’t hot out, the sun wasn’t out, and it was raining gently.  I was expecting an easy run but it wasn’t.  It wasn’t difficult either but I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.  I finished in 56:00 which is actually really pretty good now that I do the math.  That’s an 8:45 pace which is much better than I am accustomed to for a distance of that length.

On Monday night I went out for a short run.  My plan was to do the 3 mile loop, and I did.  I didn’t want to run but I forced myself to go.  Once I got out there it wasn’t bad but I almost turned around at the beginning because my knee felt strange.  I continued though and my knee loosened up.  The run turned into a speed run of sorts.  I finished 3.2 miles in 24:48 which is a 7:45 mile.  That is, ny far, the fastest I’ve run that distance.  I still am surprised that I ran it at that pace.


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