A 6.4 miler, and a 3.2 miler

I forgot to post this run.  Sometime last week I went for a run.  I intended the run to be about 6 miles.  I was planning on running the 3 mile loop twice but changed my mind shortly into the run.  Instead I ended up running through the entire “Chestnut” development.  Other than guessing my distance based on how long I’d been running I had no idea how far it was.  When I finally twisted my way out of Chestnut I finished the 2 mile loop.  When I got home I checked the distance and found my run to be 6.4 miles.  That run was completed in about 57 minutes.

Last night Mary and I ran together.  It was very hot out, which is why I wanted to run.  I want to get used to difficult conditions so that the “easy” conditions are that much easier.  By the time we got back from the gym the sun had pretty much set so we didn’t have to worry about that.  It was still 85 degrees outside though.

For the first mile of the 3 mile loop my legs ached from my knees to my feet.  After that first mile things loosened up and I was able to run at a comfortable pace.  Mary kept up with me for most of the run.  I broke away a bit near the end because I enjoy the terrain of the last mile (mostly downhill) and Mary hates it.

I finished in 28:23.  Mary came in just about 1 minute after that.  I’m glad I went out and ran.  I felt better after doing so and I put more time in high heat under my belt.


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