A run with a friend.

On Monday I came home from work to find my good friend Adam Bates in my living room.  We had plans to go out to dinner but I didn’t expect him that early.  He wanted to go for a run with me.  It was very hot out but we chose to run the Rowe Quarter.  The Rowe Quarter has no shade for almost the entire 6.5 mile distance.  It was 89 in the shade so I strapped a few water bottles into my fuel belt.  We set out around 5PM I think.

It was EXTREMELY hot.  Also, since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time there was a lot to talk about.  My eyes stung from sweat from nearly the start of the run.  After just a couple of miles I knew it was going to be a very challenging run.  We pressed on.  After about 4 miles I had to walk.  The heat and sun were taking a toll and I really didn’t want to collapse out there.  From that point on we did a significant amount of walking.  At one point I think we walked for 3 minutes straight.

Finally we approached the finish line.  At that point we were running again and I challenged Adam to race to the finish.  We started out at about the same sprinting speed, then he took the lead.  Then he slowed down to encourage me.  He still ended up winning.  🙂

By the time we arrived back home it was still 87 outside in the shade.  We completed the 6.5 miles in 1:04:17.  Considering the heat we did I’m really surprised that we were able to get in under a 10 minute pace.


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