Weekend runs and new sneakers

This past weekend I went for two runs.  On Saturday morning I did the 3 mile loop (3.2 miles total) in 27:00.  It was much cooler out than I’ve become acustomed to.  I noticed that I didn’t tire out as quickly as usual.  My times were far better than I expected because I wasn’t pushing myself at all.

On Sunday I went for a run at my in-laws house.  This, like the day prior, was a morning run.  Again it was cooler than usual but not as cool as Saturday.  It was very sunny but my route had a fair amount of shade, especially the first half of the route.  My route took me along Lake Shore Road in Lakeview (a subburb of Buffalo).  There were many mansions along the shore of the lake including one designed by Frank Loyd Wright (the Graycliff Estate).

When I started my run I realized that I hadn’t had any water since the prior night.  I had originally wanted to run 10 or more miles but when I factored in the sunshine, my lack of water, and my lack of water stops I decided that distance wasn’t reasonable.   After running for 36 minutes I was pretty sure I’d run about 4 miles and turned around.

On the way back my knee and ankle started to bother me enough that I stopped a couple of times to stretch.  Stretching helped, at least temporarily.  After I came home I plugged the route into gmap-pedometer and found that I was almost exactly correct about the distance.  My run was just barely shy of 8 miles.  I completed the route in 1:15:16 with the first half at 36:00.  The second half of the run was slowed due to my knee and ankle.

This isn’t the first time that my knee was bothered me after and during running.  Donna gave me my running sneakers in early April and I’ve been using them since I bought them.  I average only about 20 miles per week and I’m rather light-weight.  It seems unlikely that my sneakers are worn out already but I decided (with Mary’s encouragement) that new sneakers might help.  Mary and I went to Medved last night and bought new sneakers.  My new sneakers are Mizuno Wave 9s.  Other than being new they seem to have more cushioning than my Mizuno Wave Elixirs.  That could be because the sneakers are new…


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