A mid-length run

I was planning to run just a little more than 6 miles on Friday evening. My plans were nearly foiled because I ended up staying late at work fixing bugs that were discovered at the last minute (sigh). Luckily I wasn’t there long enough to ruin my evening. I came home, ate dinner with Mary, and then got ready to run. I did a good job stretching prior to this run.

I decided to run the route that I ran earlier this summer. It’s the route that is entirely shaded because it’s almost completely a north-south route. I wasn’t running it for shade but for a change of scenery. I don’t think I like this route very much. In many places there is very little shoulder. Also the people I encountered along the way were rude. I had one car honk at me in a blatant effort to scare me. They waited until they had just passed by me and then layed on the horn hard. I know it was an attempt to scare because they were PAST me. I flipped them off and continued on my way.

I ran past McGreggors on Cold Water road all the way to Buffalo Road (route 33). I wasn’t entirely sure how long the run was while I was running but I knew it was going to be more that 7 miles. The last time I ran this route I turned around just before the Walt Disney School (yes, that’s the school’s name, honest!).

It was about 65 and the sun was either behind clouds or had set during the run. It was a little bit too dark; I need to buy some gear so that I can be a little bit safer when I run in low visibility. Anyhow, running in this weather feels great. There’s just nothing to it. You are running but you might as well be on your couch. Not until near the end of the run did my body slow me down in any way. Near the end my legs started to get tired out.

When I got home I plotted the course on gmap-pedometer.com to see how long I had run. It was 7.8 miles and I complete it in 1:07:23. The pace is about 8:38. I was pleased with my pace and even more pleased that I had no knee pain or any othe rpain for that matter.

I was planning on running 13+ miles either Saturday morning or Sunday morning but it’s now Sunday afternoon and I didn’t do any running. Partly I was discouraged by the weather but mostly I wanted to rest my legs. Since the gym is closed tomorrow I’ll be sure to run 13+ tomorrow.


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