A bad decision

On Firday night I decided to do a 3 mile run instead of a 6 mile run.  My legs were soer from working legs the previous day as well as running 6.4 miles the previous day but I wanted to get another day of running in.  I was short on time so I decided to do just 3 miles.  Even that distance was a mistake.  By the time that I started it was dark out.  That’s fine because I wear flashing LED packs at night that are very visible to traffic.  The only real danger would be stepping in a pothole.

As soon as I started my shins hurt.  I wasn’t worried and I assumed they’d loosen up as the run went on.  After 1.5 miles they hurt enough that I could tell that they were slowing me down.  I kept running since my only other choice would have been to walk home.

After 27 minutes and 9 seconds I finished the 3.2 mile loop and my shins were screaming at me.  It was highly uncomfortable to just stand still.  I knew at that point that I had ruined my hopes of doing a long run this weekend.  And since I couldn’t do one this weekend I’ll have to wait until the Rochester Half Marathon to do another long run.


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