Back to the treadmill

This week I ran a long run on Monday. I ran the Rowe Half and then continued for another 3 miles around the 3 mile loop for a total of 16 miles. It was about 60 degrees when I started and about 55 when I finished. I ate some candy at the 6.5 mile mark (thanks Dad) and had some water there too. It was a great run. I didn’t feel like walking until the 14th mile! I didn’t walk however and finished the run in 2:26:09 which is alittle over a 9 minute pace.

On Wednesday I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was too cold and dark to run outside. I was going to run for 6 miles but it was so hot and not-fun that I ran for only 4 miles. I ran that in something like 37 or 37:30. I can’t remember.

On Friday I ran at the gym again. This time it wasn’t as bad. It still isn’t as nice as being outside though. I ran for 6.3 or so miles. I’m not really sure because the stupid treadmill is programmed to shutoff after 30 minutes. Grrrr… Anyhow, I ran for about 54 minutes and I’m pretty sure I ran for 6.3 or more miles. My pace was almost always under a 9 minute mile. I had a few bursts where I ran much faster and very few where I ran slower.

Today, if it warms up more, I’ll do another long run outside.


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