A very bad run

On Monday the weather was good for running and I was due for a long run so I set out for a 16 miler. My shins hurt for most of the first 6.5 miles. It took me more than 1 hour to run 6.5 miles. I refueled at 6.5 with some candy and water and then continued although I thought about stopping. It wasn’t cold out but I felt cold. My legs hurt. I had no energy. I stopped the run after 13 miles and it took me 2:06! That’s nearly a 10 minute mile and I’ve been doing far better than that lately.

I’m trying not to let it bother me and I think I’m doing OK with that. I have decided to take about 1 week off to let my shins fully heal. I’ve still have enough time before the race to take some time off. If I injure myself much farther out I’ll be in trouble!


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