Back on the treadmill

This past Wednesday I went for a run on the treadmill after more than a 1 week break from running. It actually felt pretty good. I didn’t do any weight training prior to the run (which I normally do for short runs). The boringness of running on the treadmill wasn’t as bad as usual even though my gym still hasn’t figured out how to setup their new FM transmitters for their TVs (grrrrrr). I ran for 4.5 miles and I was a little surprised in that my legs started to feel tired after such a short distance. I did the 4.5 miles in about 40 minutes.

I’ve been worried about the Disney Marathon in January. 26.2 miles is a LONG distance to run and I’m worried that I won’t be ready. I’ve even had dreams about it! Donna told me to check out some running program and that should make me feel better. She was right. According to most running programs I am ahead by a few weeks. I looked at a training program from Runners World and I was pleased and surprised to see that they have you running only 3 times per week. Also I was surprised that the first run of the week is typically quite short. It’s usually only a couple of miles. I like that and I think my shins will like that. Another program I looked at had you running 4 times per week at 5-8 miles for the short runs. With a job and weight training I just don’t want to run that much. I can’t stop weight training or I’ll look like a crack addict.


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