Long Run on the Treadmill

Today I did a long run on a treadmill at my workplace. There is a large TV there with a DVD player so I brought Gladiator to watch. I ran slowly but I did a nice long run. My distance was 17 miles and it took me about 3:05 to do it.

I brought candy, a banana, and water with me. I didn’t bring enough water. Luckily a coworker (lucky for me, unlucky for him that he was in on a Sunday) stopped by and was able to refill my water bottle for me. I know that I need to bring more water and I think I should bring both water and a sports drink. I also learned that training for distance is more important to me than training for time. While I was running I ran at 5.5 miles which is about an 11 minute pace. That’s much slower than I’ve been running but I HAD to run that slowly to make the distance. That’s OK. I don’t need to run fast. If I ran a super fast marathon on my first try it’d be that much harder to top it.

I also think that my newest sneakers are behind my shin splint problem. I ran using my older sneakers (that still have a lot of miles left in them) and my shins were fine after the run. It might not be the sneaker exactly but the way the new ones are laced. My new sneakers kind of slide around at the front of my shoe. I think the front end is laced too loosely. I’ll try it out this week on my shorter runs.

It was pretty neat while I was running because my sister Donna was running the Marine Corp. Marathon while I was running on the treadmill. Also, I had signed up for text-message alerts to be sent to my phone when she crossed certain markers. She ran a lot faster and a lot farther than I ran today. She also had to deal with harsh winds.
Congrats Donna!


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