The calm before the storm

Last week Thursday (11/16) I ran 7 miles in about 1:03:30. On Sunday (11/19) I ran 16 miles in about 2:37. The 16 mile run went very well. Not only did I run the entire length significantly faster than recent long runs but I felt much better at the completion too. When I finished I felt like I could keep going. I just felt good. If I can feel that way after 20 miles I’ll be in good shape for the marathon.

Last night, 11/21, I ran 2 miles in almost exactly 18 minutes. Tomorrow I’m planning to run 8 miles outside. It’s been a long time since I’ve run outdoors and I won’t have many opportunities before the race. The weather is supposed to be reasonable. I’m going to run the Rowe Quarter+. I’ll be running the 6.5 miles of the Rowe Quarter and then an additional 1.8 miles for a total distance of 8.3 miles.

Last night I finally bit the bullet and ordered new running shoes. I’m getting the same model that my sister bought for me early this year, the Mizuno Wave Elixir. I ordered them through I would have bought them locally but no one around here carries that model. Hopefully this will take care of my shin splint problems. It should but it is possible that it won’t.
On Sunday I have a 20 miler scheduled! I’m scared but hopeful that it will be my best distance run yet.


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