New Old Sneakers

My sneakers arrived on Tuesday. My training plan called for a 6 mile run that evening. I decided not to wear the new sneakers because I was too lazy to lace them. I ran in my oldest running sneakers and finished the six miles in about 55:50. It was a pretty good run.

On Thursday I ran in my new old sneakers for the first time. I’m very happy to report that they feel just the same as my old sneakers, only newer! I ran in them for a distance of 7 miles. I completed that run in about 1:04:30. It was an excellent run. The entire run felt easy so I ran a bit faster. Near the end of the run some good music came on and I ran super fast. I finished the run at 9.5 miles per hour and I was running that speed for about two and a half minutes. Prior to that I was running at I think about 7.5 miles per hour for about 5 minutes.

The best part about Thursdays run was that the new old sneakers felt just as food as good as my old sneakers! I didn’t waste almost $70 on new sneakers and I should have sneakers that work well for me for the marathon.

Tomorrow I’m running 16 miles. I’m pretty optimistic about the run. 16 miles no longer seem like an excessively long distance. I really don’t have any fear coming into the run. 20 milers still scare me though!


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