One more to go

Today I ran a 16 mile long run. I did this on a treadmill at work and watched the movie Contact while running. I got up early to do the run because I had a lot to do this weekend and needed the time.

I ran faster than I’ve been running for most of the training. I completed the 16 miles in about 2:34 which is about a 9:37 mile pace. I ran at about 6.3 mph for nearly the entire run. For a while I went faster (6.4) and for a short period I ran slower (6.2).

This wasn’t an easy run for me. My legs were very tired by the end and I don’t think I could have gone a whole lot farther. It took a lot out of me. After I showered I ended up sleeping for an hour.

I have only one more really long run before the race. In 2 weeks I have to run another 20 miler. I’m ready for it but not looking forward to it. After that run the taper begins.


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