Just one more to go

Today I ran 8 miles on the treadmill. It was a good run, not as good as Tuesday night, but good none the less. In fact, it took me only 30 seconds longer than Tuesday nights run. I didn’t feel as good as on Tuesday though. My time today was 1:11:30.

I ran 7 miles on Thursday evening. I ran that very quickly. I finished it 3 seconds shy of one hour (59:57 for the extraordinarily mathematically challenged). I doubt I would have finished it in under an hour had I not had the benefit of the statistics provided by the treadmill. I forced myself to run much faster than I normally would have in order to finish in under 1 hour.

I’m very pleased with how my runs are feeling lately. I’m running much faster than I was when I started this training plan. For some reason the second I stepped onto a treadmill my pace increased by more than 1 minute. Lately I’ve been running at paces much closer to what I was running prior to the arrival of cold weather. Maybe my new sneakers are allowing my shins to heal enough that it’s making a difference? I’ll never know for sure and I don’t care very much the reason, the result is enough for me right now!

This week I have two easy 5 milers and the last 20 mile run I need to do prior to the marathon. After the 20 miler my tapering begins with my next longest run being 12 miles. I know I can do the 20 miler I’m just anxious as to how difficult it will be. If it’s not too difficult it might make my head too big for the race. If it’s very hard I might get discouraged. My sister, although she lives about 1,000 miles away, is going to run 20 miles with me next Sunday.


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