Serious pain

I’m depressed right now. On Tuesday night I ran a 4 mile run in just about 33 minutes. This is actually a VERY good time for me but I’m not happy about it. I made a big mistake by pushing myself hard on that run. I’m supposed to be taking it easy at this late point in my training program. I felt very good and capable on Tuesday so I pushed it. Besides a good time I also received a large blister under my toe nail that is threatening to push the nail off and was rather painful. I also received some shin pain. I didn’t focus much on my shins because I was so concerned with my toe. I popped the blisters under the nail and it felt better.

Tonight I was supposed to run 8 miles. I didn’t get nearly that far. I was concerned about my toe but it really didn’t bother me while I was running. Instead I had a moderate shin pain at the beginning of the run. While running I decided I would only increase my pace once the pain in my shins disappeared. Generally that happens after about 1 mile when I’m loosened up. The pain never got better. It got worse, a LOT worse. I quit the run after 3 miles and my shins are still on fire. I’m supposed to run 12 miles on Sunday but I really do not think that is smart. I’ve been battling shin splints through this whole training program and it’s NEVER been this bad. It wasn’t even this bad prior to running the Rochester Half Marathon this fall. I’m very concerned and rather depressed. I’ve worked very hard for this race and I’ll be very disappointed if it goes poorly because of shin splints or blisters.


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