Time is short!

I haven’t been posting but I have been running. I’m happy to report that my shins are feeling MUCH better and my toe blister is under control. I do not think that either of those problems will affect me on Sunday.

On Christmas Eve I was able to run with my sister. My training plan called for a 12 mile run but my shins were not in good shape and I was concerned about running on them at all. Since my sister was in town and we almost never get to run together I decided to try it. I was surprised that my shins really felt OK. We ran for 6 miles at slightly more than a 10 minute pace.

I was traveling on Tuesday and I wasn’t able to run my scheduled 3 mile run. Instead I ran it the following day on the hotel treadmill. Again I ran it at an easy pace and my shins felt pretty good.

The next day I ran my scheduled 5 mile run which was the same as all of the other runs – good. Running at a slower pace feels nice. Hopefully I can stick to a reasonable pace on race day.

On Sunday (yesterday) I ran my scheduled 8 mile run. I took it easy running at a steady 6.1 mile per hour pace. It was a relatively easy run except my legs were sore and I was tired. Still, I wasn’t tired at the end of the run. It felt nice.

This week I have 4 runs. On Tuesday, 3 miles. On Thursday, 5 miles. On Friday, 3 miles. On Sunday 26.2 miles!


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