Sick and tired

I’m no longer worried about my shins or my blisters. I have to be worried about something though don’t I? On Sunday night I came down with a cold. I thought it was allergies because I was at a house that had cats in it. I came home, took Nyquil, and hit the hay. Even with Nyquil I sneezed all night. It’s now Tuesday and there is no possible way that this is not a cold. I went to bed at 7:45 last night after sleeping on the chair for about an hour. I took a dose of Nyquil shortly after lying down in bed. I slept OK for a while.

In the middle of the night my nose continued to bug me so I took a second dose of Nyquil and headed downstairs to the rocker. I figured that I might sleep better with my head elevated. I slept OK but my nose woke me up multiple times. When I got up I was still under the influence of Nyquil so I couldn’t drive.

Even after our morning appointment I was still tired so I decided to take a few more hours off of work and sleep until I couldn’t sleep anymore. I slept this morning from about 9 to 11. I did feel a lot better after that and I felt safe to drive. It’s 3:15 right now. I have a pounding headache but I think I feel better than I did yesterday.

While annoying this cold won’t stop me from running. It may slow me down but it won’t stop me.


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