Congrats Donna!

Donna finished her 8th marathon on Sunday. She ran through heavy rain and strong winds to complete the 2007 Miami Marathon. This is what she learned:

  1. Clif Shots in Strawberry are by far the most disgusting form of nourishment. Anything that has chunks that should be in gel form should not exist let alone be given the privilege of seeing my stomach internally.
  2. Power Gel does not open easily, a mistear can cause stress. My actions post mis-tear resembles the barbaric ways people eat Turkey Legs (also SICK!)
  3. Never say…”Only 20 miles to go! You look good!” You may feel as a fan that you are being very supportive but you have just shouted a horrific reminder that we are not even a quarter of the way through the race. Oddly enough when I hit 20, I did think to myself hey, only 6.2 to go.
  4. It is never rationale to think that when you hit 23 that 3 miles isn’t that far. At this point when you cheer, Hey, its only a 5K please remember anyone at this mile has already done over seven plus 5K’s in the previous few hours.
  5. You know you are a runner when you look forward to an ice bath.
  6. The post marathon shower is unparalleled to all other showers.
  7. When holding up the sign, “We know why you run” at mile 18 be prepared to be asked from all passing by why….this was a very funny moment.
  8. If you find watered down Gatorade delicious you have problems.
  9. You should always slap the kids hands…always!
  10. You train for 16 weeks, and then you run 26.2 miles for a stinking medal, that ironically enough will be worn for less than 3 hours.
  11. When Tylenol 8 hour sounds great for lunch you may have just finished a race.

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