Stupid Shins

My shin splints refuse to go away.  I took two solid weeks off of running after the marathon.  My shins felt good after that.  I would press alongside the bone and there was no pain.  Then I ran last Tuesday and last Thursday.  I ran for 1 hour each night on the treadmill.  My pace was not fast, it was about 6.5 mph.  I had the treadmill set on a 1.0 incline, as I always do.  After Thursdays run I had a lot of shin pain.  Not enough to keep me off my feet but enough to be very annoying.

I’m not really sure what to do about it.  I’ve tried different sneakers and I’ve tried resting.  It seems like I’m more prone to injury while running on the treadmill than I am running outside.  However, since it was -0.5 F outside this morning I do not see myself going outside willingly for quite some time.

On February 13th I’m attending a free talk from Dr. Dr. Oliveri at Fleet Feet Rochester.  Maybe they can provide some insight.  I actually hope that it’s just me being a whiny baby.  I would like for Dr. Oliveri to say “Mr. Rowe, I’m afraid that the problem is that you are a whiny baby.”  At least then I’d know that it would be safe (but uncomfortable) to run though the pain.


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