A fast run, the shins, etc.

I didn’t run very much last week.  Early in the week I ran 7 miles in 1:05.  It wasn’t a good or a bad run just an average run.  Even though the treadmill stopped at the 1 hour mark I pushed on for that extra (whopping) 5 minutes.  It seems that all of my runs lately have been for 1 hour.  I prefer to run based on distance, not on time.  I felt that I needed to get to the next mile mark or I would be wimping out.

I ran again on Friday night.  That was a good run.  I ran 3.5 miles.  It’s not a coincidence that the Chase Corporate Challenge is 3.5 miles.  I finished it in 27:37 which is slightly below an 8 minute pace.  That’s very good for me.  Last year while training for the corporate challenge I could barely complete 3.5 miles in under 30 minutes.  I think I can push myself even faster than I did on Friday night.

My shins are still hurting me.  On the recommendation of a coworker who is also a runner I started doing calf exercises twice each day.  I’m also cutting down on mileage a little bit and focusing a little more on speed.


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