An OK Run

Last Wednesday night I ran for 4 miles.  I believe it took me about 37 minutes for the run.  It wasn’t a very good run.  My shins hurt for the entire run and it just wasn’t as easy as I had hoped.  I went at a slower pace because I had run the night before at a fast pace.  I think it may have been a mistake to run.  I probably should have given my shins longer to recover.

I didn’t run at all this weekend primarily because I didn’t have as much free time and there were other tasks that I really needed to accomplish.  Unfortunately I haven’t been eating as well as I should lately.  We’ve gone out to eat numerous times in recent weeks visiting with friends.  It’s great visiting with friends but I have a very difficult time eating healthy food when I’m out.  To make matters worse I also tend to over eat when we are out.

I’m not sure what my running will be like this week.  I’m tempted to go for a long run on Tuesday.


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