Shins getting better?

I ran on Wednesday night.  I ran about 3.4 miles in 30 minutes.  That’s a decent pace for me.  It’s not fast but it isn’t slow (for me) either.  I don’t really care about how far or how fast I ran it though.  What I care about right now are my shins.  I’m happy to report that my shins did not hurt during the run.  When I finished they may have hurt slightly but not enough to matter.  To be safe I took some aspirin and iced them.

Tonight I’m going to run about 3.5 again.  I really want to do longer runs but I’m pretyt sure my shins will fall apart if I up my mileage too quickly.

I have a very hilly 15k coming up in just slightly over 1 week.  I have no goals for that race at all.  I’m going to run it as though it wasn’t an organized event…just another run…


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