2007 Spring Forward 15k

Today I ran the 2007 Spring Forward 15k road race at Mendon Ponds Park. I didn’t train for this race. Leading up to the race I considered it as a training run. I wanted to run it at a nice leisurely pace and use it as a hill workout as the course is extremely hilly. Last week I ran twice. One run was 3.5 miles and the other was 2.0 miles. The 3.5 mile run I finished in about 30 minutes. The 2.0 mile run took just about 17 minutes. Although I was planning to run the race at an easy pace it didn’t work out that way. Having 300 other really good runners around gave me a big shot of adrenaline. I have to admit that I felt a little bit competitive as well.

I ran way too fast for the first few miles (OK, about half the race I was running too fast!). I also did a lot of talking which didn’t help my time at all but it was very nice talking with other runners. Did I mention that the course was hilly? It was VERY hilly. I haven’t run outdoors since the fall (excluding the Disney Marathon) and the hills were very tough on me. The weather cooperated though. It was in the 40s when the race started at about 8am. I’m not sure what temperature it reached by the end but I got warm enough running that I took my shirt off.

My chip time for this race was 1:23:58. That’s slower than my time for the 2006 Boilermaker but I’m still quite happy with this time. This course is a lot more difficult for me than the Boilermaker course. Also, I haven’t been putting in the mileage that I had been last summer. I’ve been laying off trying to let my shins heal.

My shins, by the way, hurt during the race. After the race was done they didn’t really hurt – at least not like they normally do. Normally the inside of my tibia hurts quite a bit after a run. Today the outside edge of my tibia feels sore. It’s a muscle soreness which is good! I’m starting to wonder if my shin splint problems are due to the way I run on treadmills.

Running today also showed me that I really can get outside and run even when the temps are below 55!

I’d like to thank Fleet Feet Rochester and the volunteers for doing a fantastic job organizing this race. Even though it’s a pretty small race (about 320 runners) it had a professional feel. It was chip timed, there were high quality shirts (thanks Mizuno!), there was a nice finish line too. I’ll probably run this again next year. The worst thing about this race is only the time of year that it is run. It’s very hard to get good weather but today we lucked out.



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