The weather doesn't suck!

Finally the weather doesn’t suck.  It’s 70 degrees outside (and inside).  That’s the warmest this house has seen since the fall.  If my shins cooperate with me I hope to do a long run tomorrow or Monday.  The smartest thing wouldn’t probably be to wait until Monday but I’m not very smart.

I’ve actually been running pretty regularly outside.  It’s been very cold but I’ve dealt with it.  I haven’t been doing any real long runs which is disappointing to me.  All of my recent runs have been 3.2 miles:

  • date-4/10 time-25:17  pace-8:54
  • date-4/12 time-29:01 pace-9:04
  • date-4/15 time-24:20 pace-7:36
  • date-4/17 time-25:30 pace-7:58
  • date 4/19 time-25:40 pace-8:01

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