A Nice Run on a Nice Day

I ran a nice short run today.  I did the 3.2 mile loop.  When I started out I was pushing myself rather hard.  The truth is that I wanted a new personal record for the 3.2 mile loop.  I tried to keep good form today.  I paid most attention to my gait.  I tried to keep my feet close to the ground to reduce impact.  I wasn’t the only one out for a run today.  I saw 3 other runners in just 2 miles!  It was a great training run.  I didn’t get a new PR for the loop but I did do very well.  I finished in 24:55 which is a 7:47 pace (the Boeing of race times).  I won’t do a long run tomorrow.  I may wait until Wednesday to give my legs plenty of rest time.  I think I may also pay a visit to a sports medicine/physical therapy place to see what I can do about my shins.  They still hurt almost all the time.  I haven’t mentioned it because I’m tired of writing about them.  It’s boring.  My posts have been boring (even to me, I can’t imagine what it’s like for anyone else!).  Time to shower!


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