Here Comes the Spiderman

It was ore than 60 degrees and sunny. What more could a hobbyist runner ask for?

I packed up my fuel belt with gatorade, water, and 2 razz clif shot gel packs. At about 5:45 I set out to run the Rowe Half.  I haven’t run the Rowe Half since last Fall.  I remember the last time I ran it was at night.  In the dark you miss out on viewing all of the interesting trash and dead animals.  Your nose tells you there are dead animals but you can’t seem them which makes you worry that you might trip on them.

I felt pretty good.  I tried not to let myself worry about speed.  I wanted to just enjoy the nice weather and the fact that I was running my favorite course for the first time this year.  I’ve complained so much about the bad weather that it was time to enjoy the good weather (because it’s rare)!

I saw some interesting sights on this journey.  The trash wasn’t all that interesting because it’s mostly stuff from the winter that has been bleached by the sun and by snow and rain.  There was some road kill but it was not at all fresh.  You know when an animal has been dead for a while and it just sort of looks like an outline on the side of the road?  I saw two of those.  I really couldn’t tell but I think that they were opossums.

While running I often look at the people driving by me.  I was a bit surprised because for a while I thought I saw the same girl pass me about 5 times.  Of course that wasn’t the case.  It’s just that every high school girl looks exactly the same when they are driving a car past you at 60mph.  All I could see was long straight hair and bug eyes.  Yup, bug eyes.  Those insanely huge sunglasses that are(apparently) very fashionable.  Every girl looked exactly the same.

Towards the end of the run I saw, and I’m not lying, Spiderman.  I didn’t stop to watch a movie through someones window.  I saw Spiderman.  I don’t think I was hallucinating (although it was after about 11 or 12 miles so it’s not entirely implausible).  Spiderman, as you may have expected, was the passenger in a car.  How else would Spiderman travel through the streets of Chili?  It’s not like there are any building to swing from.

Shortly after seeing Mr. Spiderman I finished the run.  It took me 2:03:12.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to be under 2 hours but I’m trying not to worry about time.  I want to have fun out there.  If I come home and I’m disappointed then it wasn’t very fun now was it?  So I am happy with that time, and really I should be.  It’s a 9:28 average pace.

On Saturday morning I ran the 3.2 mile loop.  I ran it because I was in a bad mood, because I was due for a short run, and because it was very sunny outside.  I finished that in 26:44.  I started that run trying for a new PR for the loop but I just didn’t have any energy.  I think mowing the lawn the night before wiped me out.  It took more than 2 hours to mow the lawn because the grass was over my head.  Anyhow, that’s an 8:21 pace.  I’ve certainly done better on that loop but I’m glad that I got my butt out there to run.

Hopefully I’ll run the Rowe Half again this week.  These last two runs were missing one thing that I’ve grown accustomed to — shin pain!  Hopefully it will stay that way.  I’ve been trying to run with my feet close to the ground to reduce impact.  I’ve also been resting longer between runs (2 days minimum).  Hopefully I’ll keep “missing” the shin pain.  🙂


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