A Hot One!

This past Tuesday I ran the Rowe Half again.  It’s mostly a 13 mile journey through road kill.  Sometimes there are more interesting things to see such as Spiderman.  You can’t count on seeing Spiderman though (…look over there! Where?  There goes the Spiderman!).  I’m also not completely certain that I wasn’t hallucinating the time that I did see Spiderman.  The highlight of the roadkill this week was an opossum.  Yeah, I’ve seen those many times before but not at the end of the butcher’s driveway.  Consider yourself warned.

Tuesday was hot!  It was 81 when I left the house at about 5:45.  It was also very sunny but not humid.  I brought 12 ounces of water, 12 ounces of Gatorade, and 2 gel packs.  I had the first gel pack at about mile five and the second around mile ten.  It’s hard to say if the gel packs helped much or not because I was hurting on this run!  It took me about 1:03 for the first half of the run.   There was a fair amount of wind in my face on the first half which seemed to help cool me down a bit.  On the second half I felt hotter even though it was cooler and the hills are easier on the return journey.

After 2:08:14 I was home.  A 9:52 pace.  That’s a rather slow pace for me lately but then again I haven’t run much in the heat.  The last time I ran in 80 degree weather was in January during the marathon.  My pace for the marathon was also 9:52!

I didn’t run again until yesterday.  I ran the Rowe Quarter and I ran it for speed (he’s going the distance, he’s going for speed!).  It was about 55 out and sunny which made for great running conditions.  On that journey there wasn’t much exciting to see although I did have a blond woman/girl honk and wave at me.  She waived like she thought she knew me.  Maybe she did.  I often have people honk, wave, or shout at me from their cars.  Most of the time they are travelling 60 mph coming straight at me so I rarely get a good glimpse of people.  Who knows, maybe I’m hallucinating girls honking at me just like I thought I saw Spiderman.  Anyhow the run was fast at 53:07.  That’s a 8:10 pace.  That’s really fast for me and I think my personal record for the Rowe Quarter.


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