15 Miles, No Walking, No Head Turns, No PRKs

Tuesday was a great night for a run.  It was warm but not hot.  There was sun which makes running harder but being outside more enjoyable.  There was wind but it was mostly from the north and not too strong.   I set out at about 5:30 with my fuel belt loaded with 6 oz of powerade, 6 oz of water and 2 “razz” Clif Shots (raspberry flavored).

The run was pretty good.  I felt good and it was great to be outside.  Not much of interest happened during the more than two hours that I was out.  I came across a couple of runners.  A bus driver waved to me.  A kid in the back of a car gave me a thumbs up.  There were no PRKs and few visible road kills on this journey.  The road kill by the butcher is still there.  I expected a butcher to dispose of the carcass but it there it remains a sign telling people to stay away. 

Unfortunately I did not see any obvious head turns this time.  It could be that I didn’t look as good this week.  Obviously that’s unlikely ;).  Or, it could be the lack of road kill.  Or is it that there’s less road kill because fewer women checked me out?  I like animals but I like women checking me out even more (sorry furrballs).

I ran the Rowe Half followed by the 2 mile loop.  I ran the 15 miles, never walking, in 2:23:20, a 9:33 pace.  The following day (yesterday) I ran about .75 miles to the gym.  Tonight I’m planning to run a fast 3 miles.


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