Rowe Half with a Friend

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of running the Rowe Half with a friend.  The only time I’ve ever run with someone else is when Mary and I first started running.  Since then it has been a solo journey for me.

John and I planned on running the Rowe Quarter but when we got to the 6.5 mile mark John wasn’t tired and wanted to keep going — so we did!   John now has the amazing honor of being the first non-Rowe to run the Rowe Half.

It was a perfect night in regards to weather for a run.  It was warm but not hot and there was a gentle breeze.  It’s no wonder John wanted to keep going.

I didn’t see much along the way mostly because John and I talked to each other for the first 12 miles!  I can’t believe that I was able to run like I did and talk so much.  We saw 5 deer along the way and 4 of them were still alive.  I’m dreading running past the unlucky deer in the weeks to come.

We completed the Rowe Half in 2:17:16.  That’s a 10:34 pace.  Considering all of the talking we did and the fact that this is the longest distance John has EVER run I would have to say that we did extremely well (especially John).

Last night (Wednesday) I ran the 3 mile loop.  I wasn’t trying to run particularly fast, I just wanted to get a couple miles in.  I ended up completing it in 25:37 — an 8 minute pace!  I was very tired and not trying to break any PRs so I’m extremely surprised and pleased with the time.

I’m hoping to run the Rowe Half again this weekend.


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