Friday night I went for a long run.  I went for many reasons.  Mary wasn’t around, Cassie wasn’t around, I was due for a long run, and I had nothing better to do.  Well, honestly, sleeping sounded like a better idea but I went for a run after a 1 hour nap anyhow.  It’s hard to get out running, especially on a long run, after you’ve been asleep for an hour and wake up still tired.  I’m glad I did.  If I hadn’t I would have never seen the squirredile or the circle birds.

I set out at about 7:10 pm.  The weather was great.  It was sunny and it was 75 degrees.  The sun wasn’t quite setting but I knew it would set before my run was through.  I began my journey for the Rowe Half seriously doubting I’d finish it.  I just didn’t feel like running.

Along the way I saw some new things.  I saw bird road kill.  Bird road kill deserves a special name.  For some reason birds, when hit by a car, form perfect circles.  No other road kill forms a perfect circle.  One bird-kill was a robin — at least I think it was a robin.  It looked much like a hockey puck.  The other bird-kill I saw had yellow on it and was smaller.  I’m not a bird watcher and I have no idea what it was.  I do know that it’s easier to watch bird-kill than birds because they do not move.

The most interesting thing I saw was the squirredile.   When I saw it my heart raced and my pace quickened.  I was genuinely afraid.  I saw what I thought was a baby crocodile on the side of the road.  When I got closer I found it was actually a squirrel-kill that had dried and decayed to look exactly (to me) like a crocodile.  Beware the squirredile.

The run itself was quite good.  The first half was kind of difficult but not excessively difficult.  I finished the first 6.5 miles in 1:01.  That’s pretty good for me lately.  The run home was excellent.  The sun went down, the temperatures dropped, and my energy level increased.   I think it was mostly the cooler temperatures but I think it also had to do with me finally waking up and the gel hitting my system.  I felt like I was flying.  It turns out I was.  I finished the Rowe Half this week in 2:01:36.  I had a negative split.  I felt so good that I thought I was going to break 2 hours.  When I finished I felt great.  I could have gone for more miles but it was dark and I didn’t want any overuse injuries.

My average pace was 9:21.  That’s really good for me lately.  Mostly I’m proud that I was able to get myself out the door when sleeping was so much more desirable.


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