Early Morning Run

On July 4th I got up early so that I would have time to run a few miles.  I didn’t have to work that day but there was a lot planned.  The only way to get a run in was to get up early.  I must be insane to sacrifice sleep for running.  Normally I wouldn’t think much of it but Cassie tires me out (and I’m not even with her much)!

It was raining and about 62 degrees.  It was 7:45 AM when I started.  I wore two running shirts to keep warm.  I hate wearing shirts while running but I knew I’d freeze without them.  28 minutes and 4 seconds later I was back home.  I didn’t push myself at all.  I was trying to get a few miles in but allow a decent taper so that I can have a good time at the Boilermaker.

Tonight I’m hoping to run 2.2 miles.  Then on Sunday I’ll be running the Boilermaker 15k.  After that it’s back to my regularly scheduled training plan to get in shape for the 2007 Rochester Marathon.


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