A Couple of Runs

My shins took a beating from the Boilermaker (the post about the boilermaker is in the works) but I was able to put in a few miles this week anyhow.

On 7/10 Corey and I ran the 3.2 mile loop.  We ran it in 31:25 which is a 9:50 pace.  It was hot but it was a nice easy run.  After that run I headed to the gym on my bike for a late workout.  On my way home I saw someone standing in the trees near the end of the street.  We’re pretty certain that later that night the person I saw stole Mary’s bike from our garage.  The police caught the person and the bike was returned.  Stupid me accidentally left the back door open.  …But this is supposed to be about running!

On 7/12 John and I met for a 6 mile run along the Canal Path.  This time we headed west getting on the path near Winton Road.  The path is nice there but not as nice as heading east.  It’s a little bit hillier too.  That’s not saying much though because there isn’t much for hills along the canal.  Waterways are relatively flat (generally).  John made us maintain about a 9 minute pace.  If he hadn’t I suspect we would have gone at about a 9:30 pace.  My shins were hurting pretty badly.  We finished the 6 miles in 54:16, a 9:03 pace.

On Saturday 7/14 John, Corey, Steve, and myself participated in the first annual RGBa duathlon held at my house.  That is a story that deserves its own post!

This week the training plan is calling for a 2 mile run on Tuesday, a 6 mile run on Thursday, and a 16 mile run on the weekend.


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