The Inaugural RGBa Duathlon

On Saturday July 14th I participated in the first (annual?) RGBa Duathlon.  Myself, John, and Steve did the full duathlon.  Corey joined us for the final running leg which is why the ‘a’ in RGBa isn’t capitalized.  It was the inaugural Rowe, Ghidiu, Buck, Andalora Duathlon.

Earlier this year John, Steve, and I decided that it’d be fun to have an unofficial duathlon designed for nothing but fun.  I’m not a cyclist and Steve isn’t a runner so we agreed to a “no man left behind” policy.  Therefore the running and the biking was slow!

The weather was great for the event.  It was overcast and not very hot.  It was a little humid but the shade made up for it.  We started out at about 2:15 for our first run.  We ran 3.2 miles (the 3.2 mile loop at my house) at a little more than a 10 minute pace.  Then we “transitioned” to the bike event.  John insisted on changing every last piece of clothing on his body for the transition.  Once John finished primping himself we set out to bike the Rowe Half Marathon.

Steve tried his best to go slow enough so that he didn’t leave me in the dust but Steve is (I think) really good at riding hills.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I slowed down a lot for each hill.  Actually Steve corrected us all.  The “hills” are “rollers” in bike lingo because they weren’t steep enough for him!  After a little over 50 minutes we transitioned again for the final 3.2 miles of running.  John had to change all of his clothing again.

The second 3.2 miles were slower.  Steve’s not a runner and running 6.4 miles in one day isn’t easy even for non-runners!  Corey joined us for the final run.  Apparently he was intimidated at participating in the entire event but he at least came out for some of it (Mark!).  It started raining during the run but we didn’t care.  We all needed showers by that point anyhow.

When we got back we all showered (separately mind you) and I started cooking the burgers.  Mary and Marie joined us for our burgers, veggies, and pasta salad dinner.  At about that point everyone started driking Rum & Cokes.  In fact we ran out of rum and had to make a trip to the liquor store!  Most people had “greg-style” rum & Cokes which have about 4 ounces of rum and slightly less than 12 ounces of Diet Caffeine Free Coke.   There isn’t enough room in a pint glass for the Coke because the Rum goes in first.

We all had a great time playing various card games.  Once everyone sobered up they headed out.  We’ve already decided to hold this “event” again next year on either July 13th or July 20th.  Wanna come?



2 responses to “The Inaugural RGBa Duathlon

  1. …i wasnt primping. i just believe in being the best i can be. and if that means changing into appropriate clothing, so be it 🙂

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