Won't Someone Think of the Mice?

Last night, Tuesday July 24th, I set out for a 7+ mile run. It was about 6:50 PM when I started. I ran my usual route, The Rowe Quarter, and added on an extra loop to get in more than 7 miles.  I planned to run it fast so I pushed myself.  My legs felt tired for most of the run but after about 4.5 miles they finally loosened up and I really picked up the pace.  I finished the run in 1:00:13, an 8:20 pace.  I’ve run faster before but that’s still a great time for me, especially for the course I was on.

Along the way I ran over railroad tracks that were being rebuilt.  There was a about a 1.5 foot drop off between the tracks that was challenging to run over.  That same night some idiot got her car stuck on the tracks and a train destroyed her car all apparently because she was afraid she’d run out of gas taking the detour.

Along side of those tracks I was the closest I’ve ever been to a hawk.  It was less than 10 feet away.  It was busy pouncing on a nest of baby mice.  Even though the hawk was huge I might have missed it but I heard the mice squeaking.    I had turned off my headset while crossing the tracks to be sure that I didn’t get killed.

I’ve been icing my shins each night.  I won’t be running again until Sunday morning when John and I will do an 18 mile run.  I’m excited to do distances like that again.  It’s so much more fun running with someone.  It takes a long time to run that far but it doesn’t drag on because there’s someone to talk to.


One response to “Won't Someone Think of the Mice?

  1. See, crazy things do run out in front of you. You thought I was crazy when I had a turkey jump out in front of me.

    I do have you beat this week though. While running Delaware Park, I ran past a tight rope walker – he’d tied up a tight rope between two trees in the middle of the park!

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