Course Change

I was very disappointed to learn yesterday that the finish of the Rochester Marathon and Half Marathon will not be in Frontier Field for 2007. The marathon committee was forced to change the finish due to construction scheduled for inside the stadium. I do not yet know if the entire stadium will be closed to spectators and runners or if only the finish line has changed.

This is very disappointing. Most of what made this race so special was the finish in the stadium. The stadium is an ideal finishing place as it has ample parking, comfy seats for spectators, a jumbo-tron, plenty of room for runners to enjoy post race treats,an excellent PA system, and much more. Losing access to the stadium this year is a huge blow to the marathon. I truly believe that this is going to hurt registration for the event next year.

I convinced a number of friends and relatives to run the event this year. I raved about how fun it was to finish in the stadium and how convenient it made the event. I feel as though I misled them.

The marathon has the potential to bring in many people from out of town. This represents a big economic opportunity for the city. Out of town runners and spectators spend a lot of money at hotels, restaurants, and other places. I’m not on the race committee and so I do not know the full details but I wish the construction project could be postponed to allow the marathon to continue in the original location. Rochester doesn’t have a lot of excitement. The Rochester Marathon of the few events that can help make a name for Rochester but losing the stadium is a huge loss for 2007.


2 responses to “Course Change

  1. Where did you see the info about the course ending changing? The race website’s course map still shows it finishing in the stadium.

  2. It was tucked inside the marathon email newsletter that went out yesterday afternoon. I will have a little more info that I’ll post later. The course map will change on the website in the relatively near future.

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