A Couple of Runs

This week the training plan calls for three easy 7 mile runs.  We are supposed to run them at a relaxed pace.  It’s hard to run at a relaxed pace sometimes!

On Tuesday August 7th John and I ran an easy 7 miles on the canal path.  We started at Winton Road and headed east for 3.5 miles.  It had rained during the afternoon but was not raining by the time we started at 4 PM.  We took it easy and went slowly.  Near the beginning of the run we spotted, you guessed it, a fish head!  Actually it was an entire fish on the path.  This time it really was a fish and not a chunk of metal.  We finished after 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 59 seconds of running — a 9:46 mile.  This was a nice relaxed run and I felt good at the completion.

After the run John cooked up a nice healthy meal (who knew steamed salmon would taste so good?).  Following the meal we went to Fleet Feet where they had a marathon 101 talk.  I learned a few things from the talk:

  • It’s most important to get good sleep TWO nights before a race.  The night prior to a race isn’t as critical.
  • A good training technique is to pick up your pace for the last 5 files (or so) of a long run.
  • The sports drink offered during the Rochester Marathon will be Powerbar Endurance.  I’ve never had this drink so I need to try it before the race.
  • We should run at least 18-20 mile long runs but running farther than 20 miles is recommended.

There was nothing earth shattering at the talk but I’m still glad I went.

On  Thursday August 9th John and I ran another “easy” 7 mile run.  This time we ran the Rowe Quarter++. Before the run I spent about 1.5 hours at the gym doing a chest and ab workout.  The workout went well and I was still excited to run even though I knew I was spending nearly 3 hours exercising on a work night.  John and I started out at about 7:45 PM.  By that time the temperature had dropped to about 70 degrees and it was just barely sprinkling.  The sun was nowhere to be seen.  It was an excellent evening for running!

We started out pretty fast for an easy run.  John’s watch said our pace for the first mile was about a 9:04.  That’s not a blistering speed but we were supposed to be running easy.  Early on John started pulling ahead of me and I had to make an extra effort to keep up.  When I run at faster paces along this route I don’t usually pick up much speed at the beginning of the run.  Later in the run, when we encountered some hills, I started to be the pacemaker.  By that point we had changed our easy run into a tempo run.  I consider myself a pretty good downhill runner and I was (unfortunately) pulling away from John a bit too much on some of the downhills.  We finished with an excellent time,  1:02:25, an 8:38 pace!  Maybe it was a mistake to run that fast on an easy day but it felt good!  Certainly the cooler temps and the gentle rain helped.

Sunday we have one more easy 7 mile run.  The following week we have 4, 7, and 16 mile runs.  The marathon is rapidly approaching!


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