Course Change Update

I’ve learned the although we will not be finishing in the stadium this year the stadium will be open to spectators for restrooms.  The finisher area will be on the street and not in the stadium.  The organizers planned it this way in the hopes of keeping people together longer.  Finishing on the street will force spectators and runners to stay closer together for a longer time.

One interesting addition is that there will be a stage and music (live music?) at the finish this year.   Hopefully the marathon committee will find a lot of ways (like the stage idea) to spend the money that they hopefully are NOT giving to Frontier Field this year.

While I don’t feel that this is an improvement over finishing in the stadium I do understand that the marathon planners are doing the best with what is available to them.  If anyone is to blame it’s Frontier Field for not making the construction project known to the marathon committee earlier.  They were notified that there would not be access to the field only a few months prior to the event!  That’s not a lot of notice for an event as large as the Rochester Marathon.  I’m keeping an open mind.  I just might end up preferring this finish.


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