An "Easy" 7 Mile Run

On Sunday August 12th John and I ran a 7 mile “easy” run.  It was part of our training plan.  The run was not easy for either of us and there are a number of possible reasons.

We started our run at about 7:45 AM.  It was a nice 65 degrees (or so) and sunny.  The morning sun is almost always easy to deal with up until about 10 AM.  A 7 mile run would be finished far prior to that time.  We started at Genesee Valley Park and ran along the canal path and then along the river path until the Ford Street bridge.  We’ve now run almost the entire marathon course excluding only the final 2-3 miles from the Ford Street bridge to the finish near Frontier Field.  The run was very scenic as we ran through the park and through the University of Rochester campus.  The only non-scenic aspect were the drunk bridge trolls.  The trolls didn’t bother us though but I was concerned that they might.  Maybe if they had we would have run faster!

It was a tough run.  Even prior to starting both John and I didn’t feel like running.  Shortly into the run I asked how far we had gone.  I was more than a bit disappointed when John said 2.25 miles.  There are a number of things that could have contributed to this bad run:

  • I had a couple of drinks on Friday night
  • I was at my in-laws house overnight on Friday and perhaps didn’t sleep as well as I thought I did
  • My diet on Saturday was atypical.  I ate a cold-cut sandwich for lunch and a tuna sandwich for dinner.  I don’t think I ate very nutritiously on Saturday.
  • Cassie woke me up at 5:30 AM with her giggles.  She giggled and played until 6 AM which was when I was planning to get up.
  • I didn’t eat a bagel at 6 AM like I normally do for early morning runs.  I didn’t think it was necessary for a short easy 7 miler.
  • Not all runs are good.  Maybe this just wasn’t my day.

We completed the run in 1:14:23, a 10:38 pace.

Tonight I’m hoping to go to the gym and to run an easy 4 miler.  Hopefully I will run a 7 mile “comfortably fast” run on Wednesday.  On Sunday we have another 16 miler planned.


2 responses to “An "Easy" 7 Mile Run

  1. I am hoping for an “easy” one mile run tomorrow when the Santa of Running, aka Dr. Duggan Podiatrist, says…you can run again! If not you will hear a scream..not from me but from Dr. Duggan…when I kick him with my good foot. Maybe the bad run was because you didn’t sleep well TWO nights prior to your run? You can run here anytime…you will run fast, there are plenty of location where trolls are friendly in a bad way.

  2. The trolls probably would not have stood a chance. The looked (and smelled) like they were still up from the previous night. Possibly longer than that. And they were still drinking. Most days, I am looking for a fight (I need to take my work-aggression out *somewhere*, but Sunday would have been tough. I think that we would have had the upper hand, being sober and all. I’m not saying it would not have been a close fight, but I think we would have come out on top.

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