On Wednesday 8/22 John and I ran an 8.3 mile tempo run.  We had an 8 mile tempo run scheduled for Thursday but we ran it earlier to give our shins an extra day of rest prior to our 20 mile run that is scheduled for Sunday.  The run went well.  During this run we developed what I call the synchronized finger response.

We ran a modified Rowe Quarter to achieve the 8 mile distance that we needed for training.  We ran the first 2 miles or so at an easier pace to warm up.  During those 2 miles we encountered a Young Punk.  Young Punk, being oh-so-clever, thought it would be funny to try to startle us by honking the horn of his Honda Civic right next to us.  That’s a really clever prank that I’ve never seen before.  I wonder if Mr. Y. Punk thought of the idea himself?  Anyhow Y. Punk didn’t do a very good job and it really didn’t startle us at all.  Whenever people try to startle me I give them the finger.  It’s the very least I can do.  When running with a partner a far superior effect is to provide a synchronized finger display.  From this point forward John and I will say “finger!” and then, in unison, extend a finger to the oh-so-funny pranksters.  Sure, the most effective thing would be to just ignore it.  Still, it’s more entertaining to me if I use the gesture so I will continue to do so.

There’s never any question as to when startling a runner is deliberate or not.  If it’s a single long honk near or just after the car passes then malice is involved and finger extension is justified.  For any other case you must assume that the person was either admiring you or providing encouragement to a fellow runner.  When I’m in a car I usually want to honk at runners to encourage them but I’m afraid I’ll startle them.  The best bet is to provide a couple of very short honks well before you approach the runner.

“See you in another life, Brotha!” I said to John at about mile 6.  This is how I will always signal to John that I’m ready to run at different paces.  That is, of course, a reference to Lost.  I finished the run in 1:10:35, an 8:31 average pace.  I must have run the last couple of miles pretty fast because John’s GPS watch indicated that we were averaging about a 9 minute mile until we split.

On Sunday we have a 20 mile run.  We’re going to run around the Park Ave area a few times.  We’re hoping to force ourselves into a 21+ mile run.  I think this run will be a lot easier than our last 20 mile run.  On Sunday morning starting at 7 AM I’ll find out!


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