I Like it in the Dark

Last night John and I ran a 7 (ish) mile tempo run.  We started at 7:45 PM while it was light outside.  It quickly was NOT light outside and we ran most of the run in the dark.  We brought LED packs to help for safety.  Those LED packs seem to be magnets for pavement…  Maybe it was the LEDs, or maybe the low light conditions but the ladies loved us last night.

We had not one, not two, but THREE cars of women scream at us.  The third was Mary so I guess she doesn’t really count.  I have to say that it is flattering.  Obviously times are changing.  Pretty soon we’ll run by construction sites and all of the female works will holler at us and we won’t be flattered but upset.  …Nah, I’ll still be flattered!

It was warm, about 78 degress, slightly humid, and a little windy. Even under those conditions running in the dark is fun and easier than running under the sun.  With a “See you in another life, Brotha” and a “Strength and honor” at about mile 5 we split up.  Up to that point we were running at about a 9 minute pace.  After that I’m not really sure what I did.  I think it was around 8:15.  That’s awesome for me considering that there is a fairly steep hill that extends for .5 miles at about mile 5.  Then, right at the 6.5 mile point there’s a pretty steep uphill.  I finished  in 1:03:04, an average pace of 8:43 for the 7.25 miles we ran.

Sunday we have a 20 mile run that we’re going to do at about 7 AM starting a Fleet Feet.


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