How many bucks?

Last night while running I thought about something I’ve thought about before: “How many bucks would a runner tuck if a runner would tuck bucks?”  What does that mean?

It’s a question that asks how much you value running and how much you value your time (yeah, it’s a stretch).  Suppose you are running a race at your favorite distance.  You are poised to get a new personal record, perhaps by a large margin.   Then you see money on the ground that is far enough out of reach that it will drastically slow you down.  The money might be behind a fence for example.  How much money would it take for you to stop running to pick it up?

Besides thinking crazy thoughts like this and almost being run over by a car I had a good run.  I ran 5.25 miles at a comfortably fast pace.  This was my second run in my new sneakers so I was paying far too much attention to how my feet and legs felt.  It was also quite warm at 79 degrees even though the sun had gone down.  I felt like I was running slowly so I forced myself to not look at my watch until the very end.  I was very happy when I did!  My watch read 41:26, a 7:56 average pace!  I’ve never run that fast for a distance that far.  I was thrilled. 

At this point I’m still planning on wearing my old sneakers for the marathon.  I’m going to give the new ones one more shot on Sunday at the Madd Dash 10k (where I will be running very slowly on purpose).  If they feel great for that I might consider wearing them for the race but it’s very unlikely.


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